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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get tickets?

Visit Getting tickets on our website.


How do I prepare for the National March for Life?

Visit for information about travel into the city on the day of the March.  Remember the national March for Life is organized by a separate organization.  The Archdiocese of Washington is not responsible for the event or any of the content surrounding the march.


How do I prepare my youth?


Here are some great ideas:

  • Pray the rosary or prepare a prayer service for the bus ride
  • If you have a long bus ride, watch a prolife movie on the way
  • Spiritually adopt a baby before the Youth Rally
  • Ask a student who has attended before to give a brief witness on the impact of going to the Youth Rally and National March for Life
  • Stay involved year round!

Do you have other ideas?  Share them with us!


What am I allowed to bring?


Outside groups are not allowed to distribute any materials inside either venue at the Youth Rally and Mass for Life.  Groups distributing materials may be asked to leave.  Please do not bring stickers, large banners or poles.

Are you a priest who would like to concelebrate Mass?
Register at If you are traveling with a group; please register at the venue in which your group will be attending. If you aren’t sure, please check with your Diocesan Liaison.

Can you help me find a place to stay? 


The Archdiocese of Washington does not have a list of parishes that host groups.