What time does the event begin?

8:00 a.m. – Streaming begins
8:30 a.m. – Rally begins
10:00 a.m. – Mass begins
11:00 a.m. – Mass ends

How do I register for the event?

Visit Registration on our website.

Is there a fee for attending the Virtual Youth Rally and Mass for Life?

This event is hosted by the Archdiocese of Washington and is free-of-charge for all participants. However, the Archdiocese is facing similar budget constraints to other churches and diocesan groups. We would like to continue to offer this event for free and would gratefully accept any donations from participants. If you would like to offer a small donation to the Archdiocese, you can donate here.

What will this virtual event look like?

During the Virtual Youth Rally, we will be working with a professional production team to create an engaging event that utilizes pre-recorded and live messages from local students, pro-life advocates, and speakers. This year, we will have a special focus on pro-life apologetics, and will include debates and civil dialogue demonstrated by our students. Our speaker (to be announced shortly) will provide philosophical arguments for the pro-life movement, and will model ways to talk to friends, family members, and strangers about what it means to be pro-life.

Throughout the Rally, we will have music from national Catholic artists. The Virtual Rally will also include a Virtual Rosary from students representing various cultures, languages, and geographical regions, and hopefully a message from the Papal Nuncio. Students representing the Archdiocese of Washington Youth Leadership Team will host this event from a “newsroom” setting and will help to transition between these messages, videos, and musical interludes. We want to ensure that this event is as lively and engaging as our in-person Rally, so we encourage you to reach out if you are interested in participating in the Virtual Rosary or in sharing videos from your students.

Why does the Virtual Rally begin so early in the morning?

This year, we want to encourage participation from high schools and youth groups who are not traveling to the in-person March for Life, while also making the Virtual Rally available to groups who might be on the road or visiting Washington, D.C. By hosting a Virtual Rally and Mass immediately before the in-person March for Life, we can make the event accessible to all participants. We hope that this timing will especially encourage participation from high schools, and that the Virtual Youth Rally and Mass for Life will be shown live during morning prayer and assembly meetings.

What platform will you be using for the virtual event?

The Virtual Rally and Mass for Life will be hosted live on multiple platforms, including Youtube and Facebook Live. We will share more information on these platforms as soon as we are able.

My youth group is based in a diocese with a different time zone. How can we participate in the Virtual Youth Rally and Mass for Life?

We invite all groups to participate in our live event. However, we will also share the Rally and Mass videos on Youtube and Facebook within one hour of the conclusion of the event. We sincerely hope that this will make the Rally and Mass accessible to groups in other time zones.


How do I prepare my youth?

Here are some great ideas:

  • Use our new ADW discussion guide to lead conversations with your class and/or youth group. This resource offers prayers and reflections to help guide youth in conversations about discernment, vocation, and social action.
  • Visit the McGrath Institute website to see videos, prayers, and resources to guide conversations about pro-life and social concerns issues: https://mcgrath.nd.edu/about/centers-initiatives-and-programs/life-human-dignity/march-for-life/
  • Participate in some of our webinars and events leading up to the Virtual Rally at the end of January. More information will be posted on our website and sent out to group leaders in the coming weeks.
  • Pray the rosary or plan a prayer service for your youth group
  • Spiritually adopt a baby before the Youth Rally.
  • Raise money or collect donations for a local pregnancy care center
  • Ask a student who has attended before to give a brief witness on the impact of going to the Youth Rally and National March for Life. Share this witness on social media using the hashtag #IStand4Life, and we might even share some of these videos on our event page!
  • Stay involved year round!

Do you have other ideas?  Share them with us!


How do I prepare for the National March for Life event?

The National March for Life will be a virtual event this year. For more information on participation in his event, please visit the March for Life website.

Note: The Archdiocese of Washington is not involved in the implementation or planning of the National March for Life. Please visit http://marchforlife.org/ for more information.


Can you help me find a place to stay?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local parishes in the Archdiocese of Washington are unable to accommodate groups.