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Pope Benedict XVI sends message and imparts his Apostolic Blessing
He thanks the young people for their commitment to defending the inviolable dignity of each member of our human family, especially the smallest and most defenseless of our brothers and sisters. He likewise encourages them in their efforts to ensure adequate legal protection for the life of the unborn, confident that their perseverance will contribute to the awakening of consciences and the building of a more just, compassionate and inclusive society.



Homily from the Verizon Center Mass given by Rev. Carter Griffin
In the face of a culture that identifies power and money as the measure of our dignity, we respond that dignity is given to us – every one of us – by God himself, by His loving care, proven by the Blood His Son. In the face of a culture that trades in fear and uncertainty, we respond with the courage to hope that God is the Lord of History, that he knows what He is about, that in the end all will be well. In the face of a culture saturated in violence and intolerance, we reach out in compassion and mercy as instruments of God’s healing love, beginning, by the way, with those who – usually paralyzed by fear – have had or are considering abortions. In the face of a culture that says you can’t find happiness without indulging every sexual urge, we respond with the beauty and peace of holy purity in our thoughts, our words, and our actions. In the face of a culture that doubts truth itself, we “hold our ground” in proclaiming the Gospel, the full Gospel – even when it is hard to hear, even when some try to rob us of our freedom to do so.



Homily from the Comcast Center Mass given by Rev. David Wells
Our Lord promised us, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.” How about where thirty or forty thousand are gathered in his name, here and at the Verizon Center? Do you not think that Jesus Christ is powerfully here with us? In a few minutes the most pro-life person who ever walked the earth, the Eternal Son of the Most High God, Jesus Christ Himself, will be present here among us to feed us with his Body and Blood, so that we might have life and have it to the fullest. Then He sends us out to march joyfully, to protest prayerfully, to give evidence to the world that life is good and we cannot deprive anyone of their God-given right to live.