Artist Information

Ivan Diaz

Born and raised in Colombia, Javier Ivan Diaz is a musician, on-air personality and teacher who has been composing music since he was just 1 7. Holding a master of arts in choral conducting and bachelor of music, Ivan began his college career at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. After moving to the US, he completed his degrees at Florida Atlantic University.
In addition to his role as music director, Ivan is a high school choral director and his youth ensembles perform constantly in Florida. Some of his most notable works include, his first album with Escuela de Alabanza/Minuto de Dios and his first independent album Nacer de Nuevo, recorded in 2001. He has been featured as a special guest on EWTN’s Nuestra Fe en Vivo, and in late 2014, he released his first album with OCP, Honor y Gloria a El, a contemporary Spanish-language collection. His songs and arrangements are also included in several collections from OCP, including, most recently, Bendito, Bendito, a Spanish-language contemporary album with songs for adoration.
Ivan is involved in diocesan youth conventions, Hispanic charismatic conventions, music workshops and other events all across the country. He hopes that his music and testimony become instruments for all to experience the love of God.
Currently, he lives in Miami, Florida, where he serves as director of music at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church.


Rachel and PJ Anderson

We believe that life is a gift. We exist to connect willing people with life-giving causes. One step at a time.
This is just the beginning. GiveLife is a brand new movement made up of compelled, loving individuals, coming together to do our part in building a culture of life. We will take baby steps together to mobilize life-giving individuals, organizations, and businesses around the country to unite and offer measurable, practical ways to spread life in the world. Our conversations strive to transcend politics and religion, and division surrounding “the issues.” At the same time, we want our lives to match our words, as we seek to find how we can DO what we believe to be true.

Rachel and PJ Anderson are the founders of Give Life, along with their friends Britt and Cadle Edwards. PJ is a full time Christian Worship Artist who travels the world with a mission of helping lead others deeper into prayer through his gifts of music. Rachel is the VP of E-Commerce for an online website. Rachel and PJ life in Nashville, TN and have three beautiful kids. During the pregnancy of their first child, they faced life threatening and life changing challenges. During that time they needed to lean on family and friends. Their own experiences prompted them to want to help other mothers and babies in need.